Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Christian Books to Bug Your Library About!: new Zonderkidz fantasy series

Star-Fighters of Murphy Street is a new zonderkidz fantasy series written by Robert West.
I have requested it from my library but it still remains to be seen if they buy the series.

this first book is currently out in stores and on sale online.

There's a Spaceship In My Treehouse (Episode I)

Beamer, age 13, who speaks only Californian, is an alien in the world of Middle America, exiled to a bizarre, ancient house on a mysterious street that may or may not exist on any map.

With the help of a nerdy African-American kid named Ghoulie, a gangly tomboy named Scilla, and a miraculous, broken-down tree house shaped like a spaceship, he battles the indigenous life forms in his new home, from bullying creatures to the strange inhabitants of dark castles, subterranean caverns, and a spider web the size of a house, to discover how God gives a distinctive purpose to each uniquely designed human being.

Know Your Star-Fighters
California transplant to a weird Midwestern town. Feels like he’s living on another planet.
the gangly tomboy next door.
the class nerd. Add one spaceship-shaped tree house capable of taking them most anywhere in the universe.
Hop in and blast off for fantastic outer space adventures in Star-Fighters of Murphy Street—the quirky, funny, fast-paced new trilogy by Robert West.

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