Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Christian Books to Bug Your Library About!

new awesome Chick-lits to bug your library into getting is the Hollywood Nobody Series by Lisa Samson. they rock! my library bought both books 1&2.

Hollywood Nobody (Book1)

Fifteen-year-old Scotty Fitzgerald has spent her young life on the road, traveling to movie sets with her single mom, Charley. Yet even though she is wise beyond her years, Scotty still struggles to find her identity. Complicating matters is a mother who offers no guidance and a father she's never met.

Scotty is determined to discover what she wants from life, even documenting the journey on her "Hollywood Nobody" blog. But as Scotty begins to find dark answers to tough questions, will her story have a happy ending?
The first in a series, Hollywood Nobody is a novel that examines real issues with honesty and humor.

Finding Hollywood Nobody (Book2)

For 15-year-old Scotty Dawn, life's beginning to resemble a movie! She recently learned that her film-industry mom is actually her grandmother, and that her father was killed by the mob. With the hit man still at large, Scotty hides on a Hollywood lot, where she battles fear and loneliness and discovers the life-changing power of prayer. 192 pages, softcover from NavPress.

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