Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fantasy Fiction Tour on West Coast!

OHMYGOSH! about a month ago I learned that some of my absolute favorite fantasy authors are going to do a tour on the West Coast!
the authors I've learned that are doing it are: Bryan Davis, Donita K. Paul, L. B. Graham, Wayne Thomas Batson, Sharon Hinck, Eric Reinhold, Jonathon Rogers, and Christopher Hopper.

I SOOOOO WANNA GO! It's going to ROCK!

the tour dates are Oct 3-11 I think and we'll have more info here .....eventually.....I hope.

*squeels happily* man is it going to be a pain and a half to tote all those books to get them signed....thankfully I already have met Mr. Davis so those big books I can leave at home....maybe I'll just take my copy of LoTN to get signed.

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