Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mr. Davis's BtRE Promo Tour.

ohmygoodness! Mr. Davis is doing a promo tour for his new book series Echoes from the Edge!
I just met him this last week and he and his family are SO NICE!
I think he liked the frosting I gave him too.....^.^
well....he sounded like he liked the frosting....when he heard that I gave his wife the tupperware held frosting.....
the frosting goes very well with cinnamon rolls usually....
except since we had a long drive to get to where Mr. Davis was doing the tour my dad added some water instead of milk with the powdered sugar/vanilla mixture....I sure couldn't see or smell any difference!
but anyhoo....I got to help pass out bookmarks around the store when there was a lull and that was fun. I guess it helped with public speaking and talking to strangers.....
note: I don't mean go talking to strangers if you are a kid.

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