Monday, November 10, 2008

sick and stuck in a bunk and pictures....try to guess the sketches's scene!

currently being attacked by allergies and might be sick so I'm writing this in bed in our RV...*pouts*

anyway I thought you guys might like to see some of the older sketches I've done....this was when I was first tackled by my muse....whose name is angel and she's Dibl and Filia's daughter.....
anyway these sketches aren't the best....I drew them a year and a half ago and I used lined paper and didn't have a scanner so I had to take pics of them

these pics were all inspired by DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul
kudos to people who can guess which scene they relate to....sooo...try to guess!
these might not be in order of the book btw.
do you guys think I should post more of my DS inspired sketches?

Picture 1

Picture 2
Picture 3 (not sure if it's from a scene from DragonSpell)
Picture 4


Airleon said...


Those are cool

I hope you feel better.

BooksforLife said...

Those are cool!! I can't draw for pinapples... :P

Do get better though!

Magma said...

thanks guys! *imaginary hugs because I don't want you guys sick ^.-*