Sunday, November 9, 2008

cool place to check out: Lebanon Missouri

okay my family had remembered this awesome Walnut Bowl factory place in Lebanon Missouri....well...we tried to look it up and discovered it wasn't there anymore*cries*.....
....anyway my parents talked to some people who worked at where it used to be and they directed us to a store that had Walnut bowls and other awesome things....though we missed it the first time we went by it....and had to get on the freeway and then turn around and come back and we almost missed it the second's hard to get to if you don't know what you're looking for.*snickers at memory*
the place is called Shepherd Hills and here's a bit I found out about it online

Shepherd Hills Factory Outlet
Shepherd Hills Factory Outlet is the largest dealer of Case Knives in the world. Other top brands featured here include Zippo lighters and Chicago Cutlery.
Looking for domestic items? How about Mikasa china, Denby pottery, and top quality Ozark walnut bowls. You’ll also find Hummel figurines, pictures, baskets, candles and artificial flowers for your decorating needs. For gifts or for yourself, put a stop at Shepherd Hills (just off Exit #127 on I-44) on your must-do list.

anyway they had THE COOLEST stuff at really great prices!
they had the Walnut Bowls and other things made from Walnut wood and they had the coolest lace dollies or something like that with really fun sayings on them....I think some of the higher ups might have been Christian because basically all those lace saying things were christian....totally B-)

anyway they have cool china and baking ware too...including Paul Revere ware which makes really great teakettles
they also had knives and stuff but that doesn't really appeal to me....even though it is shiny.

but one of the coolest things is they had several rows of shelves worth of PRECIOUS MOMENTS! I mean some of the Precious Moments dated back to 1989 or before....really awesome!
they even had DISNEY PRECIOUS MOMENTS! like they had a Jasmine, Christopher Robin and Roo, Tink, and several others too.

in the end I got the Tink Precious Moment (which was the last one btw....*sticks tongue out*) and 2 ornaments they had for baby's first christmas....which were adorable and for my mom got kinda teary eyed because she never got to buy a 'baby's first christmas' ornament for me......and the ornaments were ADORABLE!
and I also got a gorgeous Precious Moments of a young woman in a pretty dress holding flowers...when I showed my mom it she told me to get it...I think it reminded her of me.

oh and they had these really cool nail files made from some rock from Arkansas that'll last a really long I got one of each special file. they had different strengths I guess for the rocks...some where for filing, some for polishing, some for pedis and manis. I even got my mom to buy one for herself...they look really sweet and I can hardly wait to start using them.

ohohoh! I just found Sheperd Hills Outlet website!
it's a really awesome store and I'd recommend checking out the website if you don't like in Missouri.

btw, I got an awesome Walnut wood lazy susan.....ya know...the plate that can spin around on a table....that's a lazy susan.

drat....just read that they had zippos.....*cries that she somehow missed the zippos*


Anonymous said...

Oooooo!! Sounds awesome, Magma!! :D *is envious* PRECIOUS MOMENTS?! I love those!!! wait... a TINKERBELL Precious Moment?!?! *is even more envious*

Glad you had fun, though! :D


Magma said...'s an adorable younger looking Tink.

when we get all moved into the house I'll try to remember to take a pic of it so you can see it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the disney Precious moments...I didn't even know that they had them!

they were sold for pretty good prices compared to how much they usually were sold for too.

BooksforLife said...

I'm in love with Precious Moments!! I'm jealous!! I only have three but I can't help but stop when I pass them in a store!!

I love disney stuff too, so that's even more of a reason to be jealous :P

Magma said...

hmmmm....*crazy idea alert*
well maybe if you call the shop you could try to get the store to let you buy it/them over the phone and maybe that'd work... could see if they have an ebay site or something...they have an ebay site for their knives and stuff.

or they might have a website for the Precious Moments that I couldn't find...I doubt it but it's possible.