Monday, November 10, 2008

cool place to check out: Old Town Albuquerque New Mexico

okay we also checked out Albuquerque New Mexico's Old was COMPLETELY AWESOME! they had pottery, religious shops, emporiums, animal shops, art galleries, highpriced clothing stores, and they're all on really fun to walk on streets

we were there on a Sunday so a good bit of things were closed...which was cool actually that they closed for Sunday.

anyway my mom and I checked out this cool catholic religious shop and they had really interesting of the things that most stuck out where those little metal angels that you stick on your car visor and also a game called The Pope...which is basically a game to make your way up to pope status....which would have been interesting to play I think....we didn't buy that. but we did buy a couple of cool lamenated cards with great pictures on them.

while we were checking that out my dad had checked out the animal store which was selling snakes and stuff *they even had a trashcan labeled "Venomous Snakes" which was cool too* and my mom and I looked at the two tortoises that they had in a metal tub outside....those two were BIG! but we didn't go into the was kinda giving off a 'weird animals inside' vibe I think.

my dad had also gone to this pottery shop and took my mom and I there. he had found some interesting pottery with cool lines and stuff in it which the makers actually used horsehair to make the marblely lines.*see pic below...these are the two my dad bought and had shipped*

what I had really wanted were some mexican mom has a couple that her grandma bought years ago and I love them a lot so I wanted a couple of my own.
anyway we found this Emporium that had some at the back...they weren't the biggest but they were still big...and they were being sold for like $7 each!
anyway I found a purple and white one and a periwinkle/blue and gray one.
they are AWESOME!

oh and I also got a little leather worked purse that looked Native American and we got some seeds for flowers that attract hummingbirds which I really want to plant at our new house.
oh and I also got two lollies with scorpions in them. one for each of my cousins.....I know that my aunt will just LOVE that...hee...hee.....maybe I should wait til after Christmas to give them to my cousins....

oh and at the checkout line they had these cool gag fake one was a backseat driver's license...which I'm regretting that I didn't buy a few of....another was for an alien and there were some for Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

while mom and I were in the emporium my dad found an art gallery and in the art gallery there was like estate jewerly on sale or something....
anyway while my mom found some goodies there I was looking through the pictures in the gallery and there were some awesome ones of wolves. I talked to the lady who was working there at the time and she told me her brother and his wife took the pictures of the wolves.
one real sweet looking wolf she told me was named Savannah. Savannah is the most tame on the wolf reservation and is taken to schools and stuff to educate kids....I bought 3 really cool prints of Savannah and am going to put them in my room in the new house.

oh the lady's brother and his wife seemed to have signed the less expensive tough paper frames the pics were in so that's cool.
and they have their own website....when I get the prints out I'll have to look them up and provide a link.
anyway so with the family having their goodies we left Old Town Albuquerque

oh here's a link to Old Town Albuquerque


crownring said...

Beautiful pottery, Mags. Your dad's got exellent taste!

Magma said...

thank you.
the horsehair lines look a bit strange upclose...but they are cool

the lady at the pottery shop told us how the family that makes the pottery only recently started coloring the pottery.

and the lady also told us about how the owner of the shop always buys the whole truckload of the pottery so the family doesn't have to sell them anywhere else.
and he gets a good discount on them and the owner passes that discount on to the customers too.
totally cool of him.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! That's kinda funny about the backseat driver liscense. =P I think I'm gonna need to get one of those for my little sister when I start driving. =P


Magma said...

your lil sis backseat drives?
I feel sorry for you.

oh on the backseat driver's license it said that the backseat driver basically can't open their yap unless they have the backseat driver's license in their immediate possession....which I found as very funny.