Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some of the BEST Fantasy Series EVER!: The DragonKeeper Chronicles Showcased (Book4)


My Babbling: this is a really good book....though I had read a reader's guide with questions about the book before I read the book itself and the questions made me very uneasy feeling....I've learned now not to read gigantic spoilers if I want to be able to read the book the same way.
it all turned out all right in this book though. :o)
(DragonFire takes place three years after DragonKnight)

Online Summary: Three years of strife have passed since Kale and Bardon freed Paladins knights. Now, fiery dragons scorch their beautiful countryside as an evil husband-and-wife wizard duo battle one another for supremacy.

The people of Amara just want to be left alone, hoping the conflict with disappear. But Paladin is dying, and Bardon and Kale,now married, must accept fateful assignments if their land is to survive.

Will their efforts turn the tide against their adversaries? They face a deadly threat, and a challenging choice.

Online Links: http://www.amazon.com/DragonFire-Donita-K-Paul/dp/1400072514/


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