Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some of the BEST Fantasy Series EVER!: Binding of the Blade series Showcased (Book4)

Father of Dragons(Book4)

My Babbling: book4 is SO COOL! it had a ton of twists I didn't see coming.....some good....some sad:'( but it made me want the final book in my hands the 2nd I had finished Father of Dragons.

Online Summary: Malek has raised an army and is ready to unleash his forces against the population of Kirthanin. While desperate missions are undertaken to secure the safety of the Continent, Malek has one final score to settle.

A boy with unusual powers now wields the staff of the great prophet Valzaan. The mission: to find the boy and destroy him. Meanwhile Aljeron embarks on a mission: to find the Father of Dragons.

Finding the boy will seal Malek's victory, and finding the legendary dragon is the only hope for Kirthanin.

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