Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some of the BEST Fantasy Series EVER!: Binding of the Blade Series Showcased (Book3)

Shadow in The Deep (Book3)

My Babbling: ohmygosh! the third book of Binding of the Blade by L. B. Graham is basically a smooth continuation of book2.....I'm kinda glad they made them two different books cause I can't imagine how hard it would be to drag that big a book around...I mean....if books 2&3 were put together it would easily be bigger then Eldest I bet.

Online Summary: In the third book in the exciting The Binding of the Blade series, the rains fall and the floodwaters rise as Aljeron embarks on a dangerous quest across the forsaken land of Nolthanin. For all of Kirthanin, the days are dark and hope seems far away.

And yet, in the midst of their darkness, a ray of light appears when Benjiah takes up Valzaan's staff and enters where all others fear to go.

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