Saturday, June 14, 2008

I HATE blackouts.

okay this Sunday we went to FamilyChristian to get a pic of BtRE for the contest.....and they didn't let us take the photo<.<

we were going to the store when all the traffic lights went did all the stores we decided to go home....via the freeway.....and we heard on the radio a tornadoe took part of a gas station sign that's right near our house.....the roof over some of the gas pumps now looks twisted too.....freaky.....thankfully we weren't there when it happened.

anyway....when we went guessed power<.<......sooooo my mom and I tried to stay awake until the power went on......(we have sleep apnea and need a machine to make sure we keep breathing while we sleep) but we figured that the power wasn't coming on anytime we went to whenever we woke up I'd have to try to do my reading with whatever light came through our tree shaded windows......and we couldn't really open our fridge or freezer w/o making the food spoil more quickly.....>.<


the good news dad actually might get us a generator.....or at least a hot water heater that's gas-powered......^.^