Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some of the BEST Fantasy series EVER!: Binding of the Blade Showcased (Book1)

Binding of the Blade series by L. B. Graham.
(currently showcasing books 1&2)

oh my gosh! it's such a good series! I would kinda relate it to Eragon meets Lord of the Rings......dragons aren't in it all the time, but when they are it's to help save the day!

Beyond the Summerland(Book #1)

This could also be described as the prequel for the whole series. it sets the groundwork up and is kinda the "shot heard round the world" aspect. the catalyst it you will.

now there is some foreshadowing and this warning is for this: the foreshadowing WILL come true at the end of this book. no matter how much you hope it won't it WILL happen. this aspect is the shot heard round the world and is needed for the rest of the series.

Online store Summary for Beyond the Summerland:

Come to the ancient land of Kirthanin, where peace prevails. But Malek, Master of the Forge and the betrayer of old, controls the holy mountain Agia Muldonai. His followers are venturing forth from their stronghold and are threatening Kirthanin's fragile stability. Can Joraiem and the young Novaana defend Kirthanin against Malek's evil schemes? A vibrant must-read for fans of Tolkien, Lawhead, and Dekker! 590 pages, softcover from P & R.

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