Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beyond the Reflection's Edge by Bryan Davis

Beyond the Reflection's Edge


Bryan Davis

Online Summary/Description:

After sixteen-year-old Nathan Shepherd’s parents are murdered during a corporate investigation, he teams up with a friend to solve the case, discovering mirrors that reflect events from the past and future, a camera that photographs people who aren’t there, and a violin that echoes unseen voices.

This is the first book of a contemporary adventure fantasy series for young adults.

Description: Sixteen-year-old Nathan Shepherd has a great life traveling where the careers of his father, an investigator, and mother, a renowned violinist, take him … until his parents are found murdered.

Left with only a mirror and notes from his father’s last case, Nathan goes into hiding at the remote country home of Tony, his father’s college buddy, and Tony’s teenage daughter, Kelly. The mysterious mirror must be a clue to what happened to his parents, and when images appear in it—people and things that don’t exist—Nathan and Kelly painstakingly gather evidence. But the killers want the mirror too, and danger threatens the teens at every turn.

As it becomes evident that Nathan’s father had stumbled upon dark forces at work in the world, several questions arise. Could it be that the mirror is a portal to a parallel world? Could this technology be used for evil purposes? And could his parents still be alive, trapped in another dimension?

Nathan and Kelly struggle to solve the mystery before they too become victims. This chilling, hair-raising adventure is jam-packed with action in a fantastical world where nothing is as it seems, and even mirrors tell lies.

My Review:

A VERY intriguing scifi mystery thriller by Mr. Davis.

It is definately for 13+ but the teens that read it should definately LOVE IT!

Mirrors, spies, interdimensional intrigue.....what more could you ask for?

(and for all Twilight fans.....the main character....Nathan.....he reminds me and a few friends who've read both books.....of Edward Cullen! he really does!)

You guys should try to get this book into your library, and make sure you don't have a big test to study for.....cause once you start reading it you won't wanna stop!

(trust me....I started reading it at night and didn't stop till I was done)



BooksforLife said...

What genre is this book?

Bryan Davis said...

Thank you for the great review. I really appreciate it.

booksforlife, the genre is a combination of fantasy, mystery, and suspense.