Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Question Day...this'll be interesting. >^.^<

okay guys and we are posting a question and my answer to it(and linkies to my friends's answers too hopefully). some of the questions I've read have been really funny so this isn't anything really serious but they can be thought provoking
and the hamsterpowered question generator has turn out this for today's question!!!!
If you were stranded on a Desert Island and could only bring two items, which two would you bring? (I'm calling it a deserted island though because my brain refuses to think of it as anything but)
now this question made me think for a good long while. I was debating if I should bring a cell or a water filter or my library of books (got to keep myself occupied so I don't go sane) I even got to the point of wanting to bring The Axiom from Wall-e but I decided on this instead.
I would bring my Deserted Island survival kit (sallelite cell phone, laptop, dvds, dehydrated provisions, water filter, metal pot etc) and Surviving Deserted Islands for Dummies book (cause of course there's a dummies book for everything nowadays) :D
anybody know what two items they'd bring to a stranded Desert Island? comment here and let us know!
and if anybody's got any ideas for questions(silly is definately appreciated) feel free to mention them here.
here is a link to one of my friends who answered the question too! so ya'll should definately check her blog out too!


BooksforLife said...

aha! Your "survival" kit seems to have an offal lot of technology pieces in it. That's so jokes!


Lightrock said...

mine is up too, and i'm putting a link to your place in it.

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