Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CSFF Blog Tour Day2: Interview with Donita K. Paul

I loved DragonLight very much but I had some questions for Mrs. Paul.
She was nice enough to answer them so I'll share my Q&A time with you.
Magma:we finally learn who painted the murals....did you always have an idea of who exactly painted the murals, why they did that, and what that person was like(personality, location, etc)?

Mrs. Paul:I always knew that the painter did not have full knowledge of what his art represented. And I knew that his identity would be revealed in the last book. However, when I wrote DragonSpell, I had no idea how many books would be in the series, so I didn’t know when that would be.

Magma:I was very surprised at the twists in Toopka's story and I guess I'll rephrase the above question to fit this topic....when you were writing DragonQuest and we met Toopka, did you have her story already planned out or did you more recently develop her past?

Mrs. Paul:I didn’t know her past or her future in DragonQuest. By the end of DragonFire, I had an idea what was going on.

Magma:I was at first annoyed by Fly but it makes a lot of sense why she was so ticked at Kale....now for a question I gathered from the epilogue....how was Kale able to have the protection dragons bond for each of the twins? I mean they were both in her stomach so how did she make sure the right egg was with the right kicker?
Mrs. Paul:She obviously let the dragons decide which twin they wanted.

Magma:any chance that in the future we could see more books dealing with some of the other characters that were in the DragonKeeper chronicles(like N'Rae, Jue Seeno, Ahnek)?
Mrs. Paul:Yes, I’ve written picture books and short stories featuring some of these characters. We’ll see if any of them get purchased by a publisher.

Magma:I saw at the end of DragonLight a teaser about your new book series coming out in 2009.....can you tell us if the main character(s) is a guy or a girl, how old he is, and maybe even what race? (and will there be minor dragons in the questing party?)
Mrs. Paul:You can read the first chapter on the www.donitakpaul.com website under “exclusives.” The chapter will answer some of your questions. There will be minor dragons on the quest.

Magma:and I'll ask a question for the benefit of all the dragonkeeper fans.....does the new series take place before or after the DragonKeeper timeline?

Mrs. Paul:I’m not sure this will be a series or a stand-alone. But it takes place before Kale and Bardon’s lifetime.

Magma:who is your favorite dragonkeeper character? is there one that you feel is like you?
Mrs. Paul:Definitely Fenworth. As I have said in other interviews, I identify with not being able to remember how to do things, I know I should be able to. For instance, checking the oil in the car. Finding a form in my files. Mixing biscuits.
Old age takes over just when you are beginning to feel competent at life.
Thank you again Mrs. Paul for answering my questions.
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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I love your questions, Magma. It's nice to see you and Donita interacting about the books and characters. Wonderful stuff.

I actually felt let down by Fly, then worried that he was part of the bad guys. When they discovered what he really was, well, he quickly became a favorite. I was amazed at how inventive Donita is to keep adding to the talents and purposes of the minor dragons and to keep readers off balance. Good stuff.


Donita K. Paul said...

As I have said before, the responses of readers are fascinating. Kale had twins because of a discussion on the fan forum for Dragon Keeper Chronicles. I never wondered myself how the guardian dragons would decide which baby to bond to. I think the readers are inventive, too.

Magma said...

*beams* I remember that discussion thread! ^.^
I was figuring those at the ff might have helped you decide to give Kale twins.

thanks for checking my blog out Mrs. Paul!
and thank you too Ms. Miller!