Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Christian books to bug your library about!

and now....A Newer Book Series I also bugged my library into getting....

Daughter of Silk, Written on Silk, & Threads of Silk

(The Silk House Series #1, 2, & 3) by Linda Lee Chaikin

Daughter of Silk (book1)

Thrilled to accompany her famous dress-designing grandmother to Paris to help with a royal gown, Rachelle Courtinay is proud of her silk-producing family---who are Huguenots. With persecution rising against French Protestants, Rachelle finds herself in danger from the deceptive regent, Catherine de Medici. How can a young provincial woman escape the sophisticated queen mother's intrigue? 352 pages, softcover from Zondervan.

Written on Silk (book2)

A royal wedding masks the unfolding of Catherine de Medici’s murderous plot against the Huguenots. Will any of the Huguenot princes survive? Life and death rest with two people … Rachelle Dushane-Macquinet, couturiere from a celebrated silk-making family, has come back to the Louvre Palais to create the royal wedding gown. Recruited into the evil Queen Mother’s ring of women spies, she must use her wits to preserve her honor—and the lives of her fellow Huguenots. Marquis Fabien de Vendome has also returned from a buccaneering venture against Spain. The Queen Mother plans to implicate him in an assassination. But Fabien has designs of his own. A man and a woman caught up in history’s deadly swirl and love’s uncertainties seek to escape the venom of Madame le Serpent. Faith in Christ must uphold them, and all who stand alone, in a city gone diabolically mad.

Threads of Silk (book3)

Royal French Court intrigue and murder surround a beautiful young couturiere and her dashing nobleman-husband as the Queen Mother Catherine de Medici unfolds her nefarious scheme to preserve her reign.
Rachelle Macquinet, couturiere from one of France's most celebrated silk-making families, is under palace arrest at Saint Germain-en-Laye. While Rachelle creates a royal gown, she is ensnared in the Queen Mother's plot against the Huguenots and must use her wits to preserve her own life.
Fabien has returned from a venture against Spain to claim Rachelle as his bride, but not without a price: the Queen Mother plans to implicate him in an assassination!

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